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David Flury is a self-taught artist who grew up in South Central Los Angeles and whose work is very much informed by graffiti art as well as the work of an earlier generation of Chicano artists. He explained to Latinopia the evolution of his artistic style. David Flury, born in Los Angeles, defined his goals and passion to share his work with the masses while taking art classes in college. Raised by his mother, who is of Guatemalan descent, David primarily connects with his Mayan roots. One may easily recognize the Latino influence in his paintings through the images he creates, and the vibrant primary colors he uses to make each artwork illuminate.

Upcoming events, art shows
David shares his passion with our participants at Goodwill Arts, many of whom have physical and developmental disabilities and is an honor to have him at Goodwill SoCal.
Annual Romero
Studio Holiday Show
at the
Plaza de la Raza
Boathouse Gallery
Current available works of art
Paletero Toy Cart Kit
Paletero Cart c.jpg
David Flury
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For information on rights and services to persons with developmental disabilities contact:

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